Choosing a Cap to Wear in Winter Can Quickly Become Complex, Yet I Will Try to Give You Some Tips to Simplify Your Choice.

Choosing a Cap to Wear in Winter

Just out of the summer that the first days are fresh, even if sometimes the sun is at the rendezvous. Gentlemen, it’s time to choose a cap this winter to keep your head warm.

Choosing a Cap to Wear in Winter

But beware, the choice of a cap for the winter should not be left to chance. That’s why I give you my best advice for choosing a cap to wear in winter, and how to wear it well, the Traclet Hats offers for example many models.

The cap with curved visor, to be in the trend of the moment
The current trend rather follows the curved trend, moreover, I myself have several models! It is an iconic accessory of hip-hop and streetwear culture. It owes its success to its form that dresses any type of style and goes to any type of face, a true chameleon.

She dresses as well a hipster style, guys who skate , or basketball players. The cap curved visor also has the advantage of having several sub-models: with all these choices, you will never fall into the monotony!

The first, the unstructured cap , perfectly matches the shape of the head. It is better not to move towards this choice if you have a relatively large head or face.

The second, the structured cap , has a rigid shell that prevents the cap from deforming with time. For once, it is better for large heads!

Finally, the cap net or trucker has the characteristic of having a front panel high enough. American cap by definition (it’s the one worn in baseball games!), It is easy to wear and brings an authentic style.

The cap with flat visor, a safe bet
The cap with flat visor comes in two large models: the snapback (which comes from the fitted) and the 5 panel (also called Camp Cap) or the classic flat cap :

The snapback is voluminous, so it dresses especially round faces or large heads.
The 5 panel is the best friend of the skate and urban look. It has an atypical shape that brings a touch of originality to your style.
The classic flat cap, also called beret cap, and more classic and is worn with both a chic outfit as casual.
The return of the vintage cap!
The Newsboy or Irish cap is harder to wear, but brings a quirky and vintage touch to your style. They are perfect to wake up the dandy that lies dormant in you! Their shape is round, and their material ensures comfort and a head kept warm, which is welcome in winter.

Amateur vintage, I also recommend the beret. Often made of tweed, it is elegant and perfectly suited to less sporty styles than the cap curved or flat visor.

The color and patterns of a winter men’s cap
If the cut and shape of a cap should be decided according to the shape of your face, your head and your style of clothing, you have free space regarding the color or the reasons for it.

Opt for a cheerful and flashy color if you want to bring a good mood to your winter style and choose a cap in shades of brown or gray if you prefer a discreet style.


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