What Are Trollbeads

What Are Trollbeads

Trollbeads have been all the rage since their conception and release to the world in 1976. These are charms made of any of a variety of materials including gold, gems, glass and many more. People from all four corners of the globe collect Trollbeads, making them one of the most popular jewellery varieties to collect. Here we take a short look at Trollbeads, the materials that they’re made from, the different types of jewellery, and some of the most popular types to collect.

What Are Trollbeads

What are They Made From?

Trollbeads are made from a variety of materials, as mentioned above, including gems, glass and gold, among many others. Examples of the many other materials that Trollbeads are available in include ceramic, diamond, enamel and zirconia, so there’s a lot of variety to choose from – and that’s just the materials.

Jewellery Types

Trollbeads are charms suitable for all types of jewellery, from bangles to bracelets and earrings to necklaces. While some charm beads adorn bracelets and other items of jewellery, with others, like some of the many different earrings styles, the charm is the item of jewellery itself. There’s a superb selection to choose from, so you’re sure to find yourself spoiled for choice when you shop for Trollbeads jewellery online.

Retired Trollbeads – Why They’re in Such Demand

Like many jewellery designers and producers, Trollbeads discontinues their stock to make way for new items of jewellery. Retired troll beads are in great demand, so whenever a troll bead is ‘retired’, as this popular line calls it, these beads are in even greater demand and they often increase in value due to this demand among collectors. That makes it imperative for many troll bead collectors to get in quickly before the prices escalate.

Why are Trollbeads So Popular?

That’s a great question, so why are Trollbeads so popular, even in comparison to Pandora, which is the biggest producer of charm beads the world over? Pandora’s charms are also very popular, but it seems that more people appreciate the uniqueness of the Trollbeads offerings as they’re so different from other styles of jewellery while retaining classically appealing aesthetics which appeal to all.

Some of the differences in style between the world’s two leading charm bead producers are:

  • Trollbeads chains are a touch thicker than those designed and produced by Pandora
  • There’s a greater and more diverse selection of designs in the Trollbeads collection
  • There’s a specially strung end on Pandora’s bracelets which isn’t featured in Trollbeads
  • Both lines of charm beads are very popular among people around the world, but many still prefer the unique qualities of the charm beads in the Trollbeads selection.

Trollbeads are a very popular line of jewellery that has taken the world by storm. Available in a wide range of materials and jewellery types, including bangles, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more, these charms are in great demand, especially what are known as ‘retired’ Trollbeads, which the lines of jewellery that are discontinued to make way for newer lines.


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