What You Should Know About Hard Water And Soft Water

Hard Water And Soft Water

There are many types of water like distilled, mineral, sparkling, spring, tap, well, purified, and so on, but don’t you know that there is also hard and soft water. Now in case your thinking about the texture, it isn’t. It’s actually all about the electrolyte contents that are contained in the water and that matters because apparently most people don’t really know that such thing exists and it actually matters and you need to read further to find out.

Hard Water And Soft Water

When you talk about hard water, it contains high levels of calcium and magnesium, and soft water contains less of that, but is a bit high on sodium or bicarbonate ions. There are people that use water softeners to convert their hard water to soft water and for a very good reason which you will find out below (promise). It’s not about the drinking, but actually on the cleaning side of things where it makes a big difference.

What hard water can do: As mentioned above, hard water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium along with other minerals. Basically your regular tap water, spring water and so on. What you don’t know is that it can actually cause problems in your home. So question is, how does a perfectly normal water affect your home in a bad way?

  • Hard water has been known to clog your pipes
  • It causes water spots as a result of mixing it with detergent and soap
  • Soap is not that effective when mixed with has water
  • Causes scale buildup in your pipes that causes your water heater to exert more heat
  • causing high electric bills
  • Skin washed with hard water can be dry and itchy

What is soft water: If you take out what comprises of the hard water you get soft water with a few additional elevated levels of sodium or bicarbonate so people that are in low sodium diet, beware. But there’s a reason why people soften their water and those can be further elaborated below:

  • Makes your dishes cleaner
  • Makes skin softer clean
  • Makes hair smooth
  • Reduces soap curd that makes cleaning the bathroom and skin easy
  • it makes soap or shampoo more effective so you can minimize the amount that you use
  • makes for a more softer fabrics
  • helps with the longevity of your appliances that handles water like washers, washing machine, water heaters, coffee machines and so on lesser energy consumption

Making sense in buying a water softener: While water softeners are indeed an additional cost in your home, but if you think about the benefits and not to mention the cost savings that it provides in the long run, it’s actually worth it. In fact, it makes perfect sense.

There are various types of water, but what most people don’t know is that there is another classification of water, hard water, and soft water. It’s not about the texture of the water but the contents of it and if you read the contents above then you get the point. if you need good water softeners to go visit softwaterlab.


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