Buy a Nice Watch! But How to Choose a Luxury Watch for Men? Here Are Some Tips to Make Your Choice.

Buy a Nice Watch

That’s it, you’ve finally decided: Buy a luxury watch for men! But how should you do it? Here are some tips for choosing a luxury watch, such as a Rolex watch, one of the most famous watches Chronoexpert offers.

Set a budget before buying a luxury watch

Because when it comes to luxury watches, prices range from several hundred to several thousand euros. So, from the outset, you have to establish your financial limits so as not to be deluded too much.

Setting a budget will also allow you to eliminate from the outset brands that you consider too expensive, or at least tell you that you need to be interested in only their entry-level products.

Give your watch its way of life

Your watch will reflect part of your identity. You must not neglect the impact it will have on your image!

If your lifestyle is more sporty, then opt for a watch that reflects that style. If you favor discretion and sobriety, turn to sleek and elegant models.

In short, before you stop on each copy available in the shop, ask yourself this question: what image should my watch send back?

Succeed in the aesthetics of luxury watches

Because it is above all else, a luxury watch: a beautiful object that you will wear on your wrist to emphasize your chic and your presence.

Aesthetics includes a number of variables which, each separately, will affect your final appreciation of the watch. It also fits with the style you have defined according to my lifestyle.

For the bracelet, for example, you can choose as rubber material, which brings a sportier look, but avoid this material if you want a classic watch.

Regarding luxury watches, the beauty and quality of the dial are paramount. Despite all these parameters to study, there is one that has priority over all others: the heart stroke!

Take into account the movement of the watch

This is not one of the main criteria, except for connoisseurs, but if you want to choose your luxury watch considering as many parameters as possible, then the movement must be part of it.

There are two major types of movements in the world of watchmaking: the watches with mechanical movement and electronic movement quartz watches .

The mechanical movement is not powered by electrical energy and, since there is no wear of electronic component, watches of this type will last much longer than quartz watches . They also offer many more aesthetic possibilities since the mechanism is often visible in the case of the watch.

Mechanical movements are preferred by connoisseurs, but are often more expensive than quartz movements.

Camouflage Fashion And Camouflage Style Does Not Run Out of Steam

Camouflage Fashion

Always trend over the years, the camouflage fashion is worn both for women and men.

Camouflage Fashion

Distinctive in khaki tones and military motifs, these camouflage garments are available in an infinite variety of collections and styles.

The trend in men is camouflage

Military jackets, trellises, belts or shoes, the fashion remains definitely with the chic or urban camouflage in all seasons.

If everyone thinks of the iconic military parka or GI-style jacket, the fashion designers have largely renewed the genre by being inventive.

Unmissable, green and white patterns and prints are typical of this camouflage trend.

Very streetwear and casual, the camouflage is as well with jeans as with a T-shirt, sneakers or ballerinas.

Trousers style truss or Saharan jacket, men will particularly appreciate a khaki tank top with a matching belt . The women, meanwhile, have many models inspired by this military fashion. In fact playing with the materials, the fairer will certainly appreciate the grunge camouflage.

Very urban and rock’n’roll, this new trend mixes jammy patterns khaki with black leather and red tiles. The creators dare more and more the mixture of genres such as camouflage and sportswear.

A successful mix of genres

Skateboard cap, baseball teddy or sweaty jog, why not dare the military jacket with these casual and casual outfits. Even if I think some clothes are to be banned in a man’s dressing room, camouflage clothes are fashionable and you have to test a look!

The most fervent admirers of chic and glamorous camouflage, particularly appreciate the outfits granted as winter camouflage. White and black with patterns and stripes, these tones are also available in several models. Tracksuits, T-shirts, tops and other trousers with prints, are worn indeed in olive or khaki patterns.

Urban camouflage thus remains synonymous with originality and audacity, to be worn in all circumstances to distinguish summer and winter. The marriage of colors and patterns is also a plus. Like an outfit with an oversized jacket, a ribbed knit sweater and zipped biker jeans: accessories can easily match those clothes.

Leopard pattern sneakers, vinyl bag, fluffy linen scarf or glamorous watch, all styles are to match the trend camouflage. Ready to jump?

Choosing a Cap to Wear in Winter Can Quickly Become Complex, Yet I Will Try to Give You Some Tips to Simplify Your Choice.

Choosing a Cap to Wear in Winter

Just out of the summer that the first days are fresh, even if sometimes the sun is at the rendezvous. Gentlemen, it’s time to choose a cap this winter to keep your head warm.

Choosing a Cap to Wear in Winter

But beware, the choice of a cap for the winter should not be left to chance. That’s why I give you my best advice for choosing a cap to wear in winter, and how to wear it well, the Traclet Hats offers for example many models.

The cap with curved visor, to be in the trend of the moment
The current trend rather follows the curved trend, moreover, I myself have several models! It is an iconic accessory of hip-hop and streetwear culture. It owes its success to its form that dresses any type of style and goes to any type of face, a true chameleon.

She dresses as well a hipster style, guys who skate , or basketball players. The cap curved visor also has the advantage of having several sub-models: with all these choices, you will never fall into the monotony!

The first, the unstructured cap , perfectly matches the shape of the head. It is better not to move towards this choice if you have a relatively large head or face.

The second, the structured cap , has a rigid shell that prevents the cap from deforming with time. For once, it is better for large heads!

Finally, the cap net or trucker has the characteristic of having a front panel high enough. American cap by definition (it’s the one worn in baseball games!), It is easy to wear and brings an authentic style.

The cap with flat visor, a safe bet
The cap with flat visor comes in two large models: the snapback (which comes from the fitted) and the 5 panel (also called Camp Cap) or the classic flat cap :

The snapback is voluminous, so it dresses especially round faces or large heads.
The 5 panel is the best friend of the skate and urban look. It has an atypical shape that brings a touch of originality to your style.
The classic flat cap, also called beret cap, and more classic and is worn with both a chic outfit as casual.
The return of the vintage cap!
The Newsboy or Irish cap is harder to wear, but brings a quirky and vintage touch to your style. They are perfect to wake up the dandy that lies dormant in you! Their shape is round, and their material ensures comfort and a head kept warm, which is welcome in winter.

Amateur vintage, I also recommend the beret. Often made of tweed, it is elegant and perfectly suited to less sporty styles than the cap curved or flat visor.

The color and patterns of a winter men’s cap
If the cut and shape of a cap should be decided according to the shape of your face, your head and your style of clothing, you have free space regarding the color or the reasons for it.

Opt for a cheerful and flashy color if you want to bring a good mood to your winter style and choose a cap in shades of brown or gray if you prefer a discreet style.



After long years of double-digit growth, would morale be down in the real Parisian chic sector? According to the US research firm Bain & Company, in 2016, for the first time, the share of Chinese consumers in the luxury market has increased from 31 to 30%. More worryingly, in Hong Kong and Macao, sales fell by more than 15 percent. And if growth on the Asian continent is still there, with 3%, it is less important than in the rest of the world. Giants like LVMH (Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Fendi, Berluti, Givenchy …), Kering (Gucci, Saint Laurent, Boucheron …), Chanel or Hermes are worried, especially since they do not have all the cards in hand to upset the trend.


In China, for example, the anti-corruption policy has transformed the luxury market, especially the watch market. In 2011, the government embarked on a clean-cut operation against senior officials suspected of personal enrichment. Yang Dacai, former director of the Shaanxi Provincial Security Inspection Bureau, has been heavily convicted, and the photos on the Net of his 11 watches worth tens of thousands of euros are not for nothing.

As a result, the outward signs of wealth are no longer fashionable in the country. “This brings us back to Confucianism,” explains Philippe Jourdan, associate professor of universities and co-founder of Promise Consulting, a company that allows wealth, but only in an intimate and private circle, much more than communism and remains strongly anchored in Chinese traditions.

The era of bling-bling is over and the consumer is asking brands more than just a logo. While the population is getting richer and the appetite for luxury goods continues to grow, the market has become mature. “That’s why today affordable luxury and ultra-luxury are progressing, but intermediate luxury suffers a little more,” continues Philippe Jourdan.

According to this expert, the fall in growth in Asia does not affect all brands. Chanel and Hermes are among the companies that continue to succeed because their story and their image reassure consumers. “In addition, they know how to manage the shortage, continues the consultant.It is essential in the Asian market where the cult of the unique object is even stronger than at home.When one is positioned on the luxury, it is necessary that the product is rare. ” French brands are not content to sell on the continent because the bulk of the business is elsewhere.

According to a study by Fortune Character, 80% of luxury goods purchases by Asians take place outside their borders. More than 80 billion euros are spent in London, Paris, New York and all tourist resorts. “Chinese or Japanese consumers are very attached to symbols and, for many, the origin is as important as the brand.More than the Americans, they love to buy Chanel in the legendary Parisian shop on Rue Cambon. the traces of the past to afford a piece of history, “says the saleswoman who received training in Mandarin.

But the Chinese power appreciates only moderately this particularism which is expensive in foreign currency and brings nothing back to the country. In a global strategy to please the authorities, some brands have decided to rebalance their trade by trying to sell more in the Middle Kingdom. While integrating the tradition of Chinese luxury (craftsmanship, design, precious matter). “Some of this high-end clientele is looking for roots and traditions, brands have to tell a story to the Chinese, and a story that is theirs …”, explains a senior Parisian executive who wants to keep anonymity.

Because the subject is very delicate for the behemoths of the sector, who advance numerous explanations to the few closures of shops and, especially, the slowdown of creations of places of sale of the last three years. “In the sites installed in China, we are forced to sell more expensive because the products not manufactured in the country are very heavily taxed.” However, even to trim on its margins, Chanel, since 2015, decided to start a policy of harmonization of its prices between Europe and China by lowering the price of objects sold in the country by 20%.

Others increased the number of references because sometimes they only offered half of the collections in the local shops. Vendor training is another problem. “It is true that it is very difficult to find employees who have the culture of luxury, continues the frame.So, the average ticket shops are much less important than in other countries.”

The giants of French luxury, aware that the business should also be done in China, have decided to forget these difficulties. At the end of 2015, Dior opened a huge boutique in China World Mall in Beijing, following the example of Hermes, who had inaugurated a 1,100 square meter store in Shanghai a year earlier. The brand Louis Vuitton, it inaugurated last July its first e-commerce site in China.

To continue to gain market share, the French chic is not content to revive sales places. Looks are turning more to the east, towards South Korea. “This country is already weighing heavily on the cosmetics and make-up sector,” says Philippe Jourdan, “a very urban youth with a strong purchasing power who follows the creators and inffluence the entire Asian market.

The Koreans are very prescriptive and today they are the ones who make the trend … “In May 2016, Chanel presented its first show in Seoul Dior opened a six-storey store in Gangnam, the chic district of the Korean capital. LVMH is investing in all directions and the stars, like the rapper G-Dragon, are the new darlings of the French brands.The pros have nothing but a word in their mouths, the Hallyu, name of this pop culture that invades the streets of Seoul: And if the future of luxury was played out in Korea?



PARIS (Reuters) – Luxury brands rely on men’s fashion, which is growing faster than women’s ready-to-wear thanks to changes in behavior, marked by the decline in taste for formal and the rise of streetwear “.

Large groups like LVMH and Kering are recruiting prominent designers and investing in this buoyant market segment.


Louis Vuitton, owned by LVMH, created the event with its first show Virgil Abloh, creator of the brand Off-White, DJ and social guru, who has mixed the “streetwear” with the codes of luxury trunk.

“It’s more than a buzz, it’s a big trend,” said Sidney Toledano, president of LVMH Fashion Group, on the sidelines of a parade.

“There is a strong demand that comes in part from a younger clientele – we can really see it in the numbers.”

Louis Vuitton does not publish its figures but analysts believe that men’s fashion represents 5% to 7% of its turnover.

At Balenciaga, Kering’s new, explosive nugget, men’s fashion is one of its strongest growth drivers, thanks in particular to its success among 20-35-year-olds.

Women’s fashion accounts for a large part of a global apparel and footwear market estimated at $ 1.7 trillion in 2017, according to Euromonitor. Man represents less than a quarter of this market.

But it should outperform women’s fashion between 2017 and 2022, with sales rising by an average of 2% per year.

“Men pay more attention to their appearance, with social networks and the general relaxation of dress rules,” says Marguerite Le Rolland, consultant at Euromonitor.

Brands take this into account, deploying their campaigns on Instagram.

This growth is accompanied by a decline in more formal ready-to-wear. Costume sales fell by $ 700 million between 2012 and 2017 in Western Europe, according to Euromonitor, data that contrast with rising sales of high-end jeans.

Young brands are also doing well.

“The business of the man has exploded for five years,” said Roopal Patel, director of fashion at Saks Fifth Avenue, adding that the US department store now offers brands like the French Friend or the American Off-White.



In the world of fashion, it’s better to be a lender. Some trendy pieces are shared between the female and male dressing. A nice mix of genres, which gives us access to clothes that would not necessarily have been adopted.

So, whether it’s behind his back or not, what can we steal from our guy’s closet?


Men’s clothes: the right pieces to stitch them

For some years now, the androgynous look has been on showcases and shelves in our favorite stores. To find fashion inspiration, no need to go far. The latest trendy pieces are stolen directly from the closet of his boyfriend/brother / best friend.

The big sweatshirt, for example, is an indispensable part of the men’s closet. It is pricked for comfort (nothing better than to curl up in a sweet sweatshirt for binge watcher series), but also for style.

If he has inscriptions or motives, it’s even better. Just like men’s t-shirts. We love the printed or embroidered models.

Question jacket, we adopt their denim jackets wide, their chic coats and their blazers bent. Of course, we roll up the sleeves nicely, just to not do too much potato bag.

In any case, the men’s jacket is becoming increasingly popular in women’s fashion trends.

The androgynous phenomenon is also inviting in pants. The must have? The boyfriend jeans , obviously. It’s simply timeless. We roll it a little to the legs to reveal our ankles. Sexy, did you say?

The shirts of men , often XXL on us, are ideal to sublimate our silhouette. Still, you have to know how to wear it. Follow us, we explain everything.

How to wear my guy’s clothes?

It’s a fact, men’s clothes often fall much wider on us. As a result, simply adapt his outfit to maintain a stylish look .

Jackets, for example, are worn on short dresses or small skirts not to pack the silhouette. We ensure a trendy look by breaking the too masculine side with more feminine pieces: lace, transparency, patterns, etc.

The big sweatshirt is worn on slim jeans for a casual effect as on shorts or skirts. For the winter, we love it on a straight leather skirt, with a pair of opaque tights .

Same for the shirt. It is open on a simple tank top or on a crop top . Buttoned, she can become very classy with a colorful costume or tucked into a midi skirt .

And to style the boyfriend jeans, nothing more simple! A pair of pumps for the evening, a pair of trendy sneakers for the day.

A top, a fitted jacket or very short, and hop. Here is your androgynous hyper style look.